Mr. Hummus Grill
DeNovo on the Park
 Their extravagant decoration remains on point. Lots of amazing art work by local artist Colleen Scott whose work you can admire everywhere in the restaurants including the bathrooms.  When you are dining at DeNovo you can't help but soak it all in. You know you are in a special place so there is no need to rush. Enjoy that meal, enjoy the view. All of them will take your breath away. 
Creme Brûlée French Toast
Egg Benedict with Avocado Slices
brassica 3.JPG
Brassica. An unforgettable food experience
the whitney house 1.JPG
The Whitney House in Worthington
the whitney house 2.JPG
Chuy's: An Austin, TX Restaurant in our City
 I asked the restaurant manager about this amazing art collection and he says the owners love to go to different places to collect work. There isn't a particular story behind each art work but rather a group of restaurant owners having fun while collecting art that speaks to them.
Fresh Tortillas Every Day
Colorful plates
Happy Hour @ Chuy's
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