Cbus Weekend with a bit of Market Shopping

Have you been to The Moonlight Market on Gay Street? If you haven't, well, you are in luck because that's happening this weekend in Cbus. 

So what is it really?

The Moonlight Market is like a perfect adventure either before or after dinner because you get to see an array of displays. You'll find small business shops, pop-up shops and artisans displaying their best work. You'll find vintage items, creative original pieces, great snacks and food and an artist soul playing their music from the heart. 

The event takes place from 6pm to 11:00. You can grab something to eat a the market or you can head over to one of the many awesome surrounding restaurants. 

The Moonlight Market happens only once a month. So don't miss it. It's another reason to love Cbus. More info: visit their website by click here. 

Support the Arts

The Columbus Museum of Art is going under some major renovation. The grand re-opening of our museum is scheduled for October 25, 2015. But you still have time to visit some amazing exhibit before they close their doors on September 7 for final renovations. 

Exhibitions you must see before they leave grounds:  Page Turners which features Award Winning art from Mazza Museum. If you have never visited Mazza Museum and experience the delicate and artistic work of famous children's book illustrators, then this is your chance to see it at The Columbus Museum of Art. Educators and children's literature lovers will appreciate this exhibit as it portrays work from 1950's to the present. 

Are you a fan of mixed media art? Then you will appreciate the love and dedication that Columbus artist Aminah had added to every piece. This exhibit is filled with colors,  celebrations and melancholia as this artist has recently passed away. This exhibit is a wonderful tribute to her work. 

And last but not least: PLAY!  is the latest museum exhibition in their Center for Creativity's Big Idea Gallery.  Visitors can experiment and be children just like everyone else. There is something for every one to create. 

Support the amazing work done by the curators of this great Columbus gem. For more information on admission and hours please visit their website. 

And stay tuned to the renovations and wonderful additions to our Museum as Cameron Mitchell will be opening a cafe on this artistic ground. It makes sense, right? "El Maestro of the Midwest" will be leaving his culinary mark on this great location as well. 

Kicking off August in Style

Columbus is a fun city my friends. I can always find something to do in this city! It's filled with arts, music, festivals, food and experiences. 

Today I want to share with you what's happening next week at the Franklin Conservatory Park and Botanical Gardens. If you enjoy live music, packing a picnic, being outdoors and enjoying a change of scene, then you will love the 2015 Summer Music series. It's a 3 day concert festival but the best part: FREE and for all ages!

Dates: August 6, 8, & 9 at 8:00 pm.

So picture this: ProMusica's own musician delivering a soft melody performing agains the illuminated palm house. 

So how does this work again?

Like I said your options are...

1. you pack your own picnic (can't bring alcohol on site but you can purchase there)

2. Pre-ordered picnics are available for lawn sitting. 

If neither of these two options are appealing to you, then you can pre-order a picnic and reserve a table. 

Either way, it's a fun night. It's also what YOU make of this event. 

Please click here for more details so you don't miss anything!

Fitness Lovers & Explorers

Maybe you want to try something new...

or you don't currently have a gym membership...

or you just want to be outside as much as you can (after all it's summer)

or you are trying to save money and want to explore some freebies in the city...

or you just love Cbus so much and want to know what's going on...

So here are two great things for your calendar this weekend if you are still making plans...

***Try Barre for Free: Where? Franklin Conservatory Park this Sunday July 26th. Registration opens at 10:00 and class starts at 11:00. By the way...Barre3 is amazing! Give it a GO! Want to know more: visit their Facebook page by clicking here

***614 Yoga Summer Series: Where? McFerson Commons July 29th at 5:45pm. Flier with more info right here. 

Because it's a rainy summer...

Even though summer is here, the weather has been just a little off. Lots of rainy and cloudy days. But it's summer nonetheless and that means it's a great time to catch up with friends, family and enjoy a good movie or two. 

Today I watched the Movie Inside Out and I can't recommend it enough. It's hard to talk about a great movie without giving away too much. But this movie is a combination of a great plot, amazing animation, outstanding casts and a theme that will leave you and your family wanting to talk about it. 

How do we deal with our emotions as changes happen in life? And how do we make this conversation accessible for children? Parents will love this many for the many great dialogues it can provide. Educators and counselors, I see many possibilities here. 

From my end? I want to watch it again. Yes. it's that great. 

For the Love of Jeni's

Jeni's ice-cream is re-opening their business this weekend after closing their stores due to Listeria. Now, here's what I know about the city of Columbus and it's people:

* We support one another through shine and rain

*We love the Buckeyes no matter what!

*We are proud of who we are as a community and who we are becoming. 

*We love and support people who give back so much to our beautiful city

*We know that life is about ups and downs, success and pitfalls but the midwestern heart is a compassionate one

*We love Jeni's ice-cream and we are proud that Cbus is the place where it all started. 

Jeni's ice-cream will be opening their shops today at 5:00pm across the country today. For the love of Jeni's, go celebrate and support. Today for them, tomorrow for you.