For the Love of Jeni's

Jeni's ice-cream is re-opening their business this weekend after closing their stores due to Listeria. Now, here's what I know about the city of Columbus and it's people:

* We support one another through shine and rain

*We love the Buckeyes no matter what!

*We are proud of who we are as a community and who we are becoming. 

*We love and support people who give back so much to our beautiful city

*We know that life is about ups and downs, success and pitfalls but the midwestern heart is a compassionate one

*We love Jeni's ice-cream and we are proud that Cbus is the place where it all started. 

Jeni's ice-cream will be opening their shops today at 5:00pm across the country today. For the love of Jeni's, go celebrate and support. Today for them, tomorrow for you.