Cirque Du Soleil is in town and that only means one thing: pause everything and get yourself out on the town for a fabulous evening of strength and beauty. 

Each Cirque Du Soleil show is unique and Kooza won't disappoint. I'm always ready to be surprised when it comes to what kind of magic they would bring. In this case, Kooza takes us back to the beginnings, the seeds of Cirque du Soleil as it combines elements of a traditional circus such as the acrobats and the clowns.

But the difference is that Cirque du Soleil takes flexibility, challenge, the art of storytelling and performance to a whole new level. As I'm watching the acrobats perform, holding my breath as each chair is being stacked in the air or as they walk on those tight ropes, I keep thinking it doesn't get better than this. And then it does. 

They get me. Every time. As a child, I stare at them with the awe and grace they deserve. I can only imagine the hours of training behind each scene, the body exhaustion as they push their bodies over the limits. 

Here is where I stand with the arts and this is my promise. I only write what I care about. What I believe it will enhance your experience as a citizen, as a person, and what would feed your should and mind in someways. Kooza is one of those events. For the love of Cbus, let your inner child enjoy this. 

***Kooza is in town from June 4th to July 5th, 2015**