Support the Arts

The Columbus Museum of Art is going under some major renovation. The grand re-opening of our museum is scheduled for October 25, 2015. But you still have time to visit some amazing exhibit before they close their doors on September 7 for final renovations. 

Exhibitions you must see before they leave grounds:  Page Turners which features Award Winning art from Mazza Museum. If you have never visited Mazza Museum and experience the delicate and artistic work of famous children's book illustrators, then this is your chance to see it at The Columbus Museum of Art. Educators and children's literature lovers will appreciate this exhibit as it portrays work from 1950's to the present. 

Are you a fan of mixed media art? Then you will appreciate the love and dedication that Columbus artist Aminah had added to every piece. This exhibit is filled with colors,  celebrations and melancholia as this artist has recently passed away. This exhibit is a wonderful tribute to her work. 

And last but not least: PLAY!  is the latest museum exhibition in their Center for Creativity's Big Idea Gallery.  Visitors can experiment and be children just like everyone else. There is something for every one to create. 

Support the amazing work done by the curators of this great Columbus gem. For more information on admission and hours please visit their website. 

And stay tuned to the renovations and wonderful additions to our Museum as Cameron Mitchell will be opening a cafe on this artistic ground. It makes sense, right? "El Maestro of the Midwest" will be leaving his culinary mark on this great location as well.